Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bigfoot Filmmakers purchased a Theater

As LA Times reported, Bigfoot filmmakers bought the Majestic Crest movie theater. Modelsinview are happy to tell you the because Bigfoot Entertainment is's sister company.

Bigfoot Entertainment, which makes movies and TV shows for international markets, recently bought the Majestic Crest in Westwood. The firm plans to screen mostly mainstream releases and showcase its own films.

Most independent filmmakers are lucky if they can get their movies in theaters. Unless, of course, they happen to own the theater.

So it goes for Bigfoot Entertainment, which recently bought the Majestic Crest, a Los Angeles landmark founded in 1941 by Frances Seymour Fonda, wife of actor Henry Fonda and mother of Peter and Jane.

Bigfoot, a Venice, Calif., company that produces and distributes independent films, TV programs and reality shows for the international marketplace, last month acquired the 460-seat theater in Westwood for about $4 million.

"We wanted a great theater to showcase our films, not only ones we produce but ones we plan to acquire," said Kacy Andrews, chief executive of Bigfoot Entertainment. "Everyone knows the Crest. It gives us a lot of prestige."

The company, whose owner and chairman is German investor and filmmaker Michael Gleissner, produces action and horror flicks, like the cult film "Midnight Movie," in which a killer comes out of the film to "attack" those in the theater.

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