Friday, October 29, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra modeled by Adriana Lima

Models from and around the world knows the big brand Victoria's Secret and so with the model. A new bra is out and Lima modeled it. reported, we opted not to cover the hoop-la around the latest version of the Victoria’s Secret diamond bra, as worn by Adriana Lima—as there were some busy news days and catch-up work to do after the many fashion weeks around the world.

However, we’ve noticed that there are many search-engine hits coming to this website, and all visitors are seeing are 2008’s design by Martin Katz. So, here it is: the 2010 edition, dubbed the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra, modelled once again by Miss Lima, this time created by Italian jeweller Damiani.

The bra “only” costs... Read more (plus more photos) | here

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hot Model of the week of OMP - Brielle

Photo taken by John Barry

New Hot MODEL of the week is here, from is Brielle. She's from the south that is Florida, check out her story and photos, link below.

Brielle got her start in the business a little over a year ago, but it was actually behind the camera. “I started out taking photography classes in high school. In the class, we had to model for other students’ pictures. It was then I realized I liked being in front of the camera instead of behind it!”

Once she was introduced to by a photographer, she started taking her modeling pursuits seriously. “OMP has allowed me to meet many more photographers and start traveling to do paid shoots.”

Read more | Brielle
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hot Model of the week of OMP - Shelby

New Hot Model from is Shelby... Who is she? Check out her work and stuff stuff with OMP Photographers.

Like most young women, Shelby had a longtime dream of modeling in magazines such as “Maxim” and “Sports Illustrated,” but only recently was able to fulfill her desire thanks in large part to members of

“I just started modeling in June of this year. My dream of being a model probably wouldn/t have happened if a good friend and gifted photographer named Reid Windle had not believed in me.

She was able to turn her dream into a reality when Reid and fellow photographers Jon Barry and John Fisher recommended she set up an online portfolio on “OMP has helped me expand my modeling career by providing a great tool to promote myself and a safe way to communicate with photographers to find work.”

Click here more photos of Shelby.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OMP Rising Star - Model Brooklyn Sky

Here is a new Rising Star a Model from Indiana, meet Brooklyn Sky. updates us with their talents in their community. Aspiring models, should check her story, and be inspired.

Brooklyn Sky started her modeling career at a very young age, “ I started doing pageants at the age of 18 months until I was six years old. At that point my parents were approached by an agency. But other commitments took me away from it for several years.”

Thankfully an opportunity arose that brought her back into the business for good. “Last year I volunteered to be a model for a photography class, and that’s when I realized how much I missed being in front of the camera. The instructor, who is a professional photographer in Fort Wayne, told me I should get back into modeling and recommended I join OMP. So I decided in April of 2009 to start my career again and see where I could take it. Then I contacted my old agency, and they immediately signed me again.” has been a valuable resource for Brooklyn since her return to modeling. “OMP has given me the opportunity to network and enabled me to meet some absolutely amazing photographers that have become very close personal friends. Without their guidance and support I wouldn’t be where I am today. Albert Onderko of Images by Design (OMP Member #101144) was the first photographer that took a chance on me, and Rich Pearson of Gonzo Photos (OMP Member #236085) has been invaluable to me with his support and photography skills in building my port.”

The Fort Wayne, Indiana resident is dedicated to pursuing a career in the field. “Although I’m only 16, I take this very seriously. I always try to be very professional and give 110 percent during the shoot. But I also like to have fun and try new things. I want it to be a win/win for me and the photographer.”

Read more | here

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Modeling Scams - Top 5

Aspiring models and models from who are making it to the top, a must read. Credits to Walletpop for sharing this, hope this be a help to all who has a friend or a family member that is working as a model.


High-Pressure Sales Pitch scam
What you thought was a job interview you signed up for online is really a high-pressure sales pitch for modeling or acting classes, shoots or screen tests. The salesperson asks you to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in exchange for helping you with your modeling career.

"Hurry: This Opportunity Won't Last Long" scam
The salesperson or scam artist may try to convince you to sign up for a monthly subscription to a talent service, limited offer on a discounted shoot or a booking agent. It's best to request an in-person meeting before agreeing to pay for an agent or scout.

The "Easy Money for Small Work" scam
Earning large sums of money does not come easy. Some models in smaller markets can earn between $75 to $100 an hour but work is irregular. Research the company thoroughly. Talk to and meet the models or actors who have worked with the company before.

"Here's a Check for the Photo Session" scam
Promises of free photo shoots or paid trips to New York City should raise eyebrows. Scam artists may send you a fake check leading you to believe it's an advance payment for the photo shoot. They may also ask you to wire money to what you think is a photographer, studio or booking agent. Wiring money is never a good idea in these scenarios.

The "You Have the Cutest Baby Ever" scam
The modeling market for infants and toddlers is small, so don't fall for scam artists who say your child is modeling material. They may try to lure you by offering to set up a photo shoot for your infant or toddler, but very few children are marketed with professional photos.

To avoid being ripped off, follow these tips:
  • Ask for everything in writing, even promises made verbally.
  • Keep copies of important documents.
  • Stay away from companies that take only cash or money orders.
  • Ask the agency where previous models and actors have been placed.
  • Be leery of anyone who asks for an up-front fee before becoming your agent.
  • Be wary of companies that want you to use a specific photographer.
  • Check the BBB's web site for information about a company.

Link source |  WalletPop

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bigfoot Filmmakers purchased a Theater

As LA Times reported, Bigfoot filmmakers bought the Majestic Crest movie theater. Modelsinview are happy to tell you the because Bigfoot Entertainment is's sister company.

Bigfoot Entertainment, which makes movies and TV shows for international markets, recently bought the Majestic Crest in Westwood. The firm plans to screen mostly mainstream releases and showcase its own films.

Most independent filmmakers are lucky if they can get their movies in theaters. Unless, of course, they happen to own the theater.

So it goes for Bigfoot Entertainment, which recently bought the Majestic Crest, a Los Angeles landmark founded in 1941 by Frances Seymour Fonda, wife of actor Henry Fonda and mother of Peter and Jane.

Bigfoot, a Venice, Calif., company that produces and distributes independent films, TV programs and reality shows for the international marketplace, last month acquired the 460-seat theater in Westwood for about $4 million.

"We wanted a great theater to showcase our films, not only ones we produce but ones we plan to acquire," said Kacy Andrews, chief executive of Bigfoot Entertainment. "Everyone knows the Crest. It gives us a lot of prestige."

The company, whose owner and chairman is German investor and filmmaker Michael Gleissner, produces action and horror flicks, like the cult film "Midnight Movie," in which a killer comes out of the film to "attack" those in the theater.

Read the full story |

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