Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hot Model of the week of OMP - Danielle

Another Hot MODEL from OneModelPlace is here. Check out the previous hot model if you've missed it at the recent poste.'s Danielle was introduced to modeling when she was the age of 12, but didn’t fully pursue it until a few years ago. She became serious about it after working with David Hickey (OMP Member #37713), who quickly became her favorite photographer.

Dani discovered OneModel through a friend and fellow model. “She was also starting out a few years ago, and she showed me her OMP portfolio when she first signed up. I went home and made one, too! Since then, I have gotten all of my paid assignments and TFP shoots because of my online profile! OMP is definitely my number one source for networking!”

This versatile and talented model’s unique look is the result of a Filipino mother and a father who is French, English, and Irish. Or, as Dani likes to say, “Put ‘em together, and you get me!”

Her favorite places to shoot usually involve sun, sand and surf. “I love every shoot I have done on the beach. It’s all so serene, and I soak up all the... Read more | here>>>

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