Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot Model of the week of OMP - Cali

New Hot Model of the week for the month of November. Meet Cali Logan, recently become a full-time model after many years of pursuing it on a part-time basis. This is great news for her many photographers and fans who have become enamored with your energetic, effervescent look over the years.

She got started in the business through the most unlikely of circumstances. “I was taking out my garbage and a man asked me if I would like to model for Playboy. He took some shots of me and sent them into the editor, and a few months later Playboy called me to ask if I would like to shoot for a few Special Edition issues.”

In addition to her Playboy assignments, Cali is very proud of her magazine work including covers for Strip Las Vegas and Variations. “And getting phone calls from friends about the birthday card I’m on at Target is pretty fun, too.”

She discovered One Model Place through a photographer she worked with. “I went to a workshop and the photographer asked me for my OMP number. He pulled up the website online after the shoot and showed me what it was all about. I went home and made a profile after that! It’s been a great resource for networking and travel notices.”

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