Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot Model of the week of OMP - Desalle

This week another Hot Model of the week from Second model in the month of September, she is Desalle a New Yorker. Models and Photographers would love to read her story, and the start of her journey in the modeling scene.

Desalle started modeling in April 2009, and already boasts an impressive portfolio of unique images. She describes herself as “awkward and sarcastic, a southern belle in a New York disguise.” She also reveals that she was raised in the South. “So I have a temper when provoked, otherwise I’m sweet as pie!”

Her career in modeling began as she was in a state of transition. “I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and moved out. I had NO money, so I moved to Philly because someone I knew needed a roommate. I started posing for this local painter I found on Craigslist, then I met up with a photographer who paid me to do a series of dance images.”

Desalle discovered while looking for people to collaborate with in New York. “I usually have a pretty hard time finding shoots in NYC. When a traveling model crashed at my place I asked her where in the world she was finding photographers. One Model Place was her answer. Once I joined, it was the travel notices that sold me. I know that when I travel, whether you like it or not, OMP is going to let you know I’m coming!”

Full story and pictures | Desalle

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