Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aaron Marcus an article contributor on "How to Model"

An update from blog, as reported by, it welcomes Aaron Marcus (OMP Model/Actor #74938) to our distinguished roster of contributors, in a new series of helpful articles entitled “How to Model.” He will be fielding questions from models and members to help make your creative pursuits more successful.

This week’s question come from Susan in Georgia: “I signed my daughter with an agent about one year ago and so far we had one fashion show and it was a freebie. We signed an exclusive contract, so are we really stuck with this agent for the year? Any suggestions?”

Dear Susan:

First of all, I need to make it clear that I am not a lawyer, and can’t give out legal advice. However, I am an actor and commercial model, and I currently work with 125 agents, so I can give you some non-legal suggestions.

It is important for you to keep... continue reading here>>
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